International Journal of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Controls(ISSN:2470-8038)

About the Journal

The International Journal of Advanced network, Monitoring and Controls(ISSN:2470-8038)was created by a group of professors and researchers in the USA and all over the world. Our goal is to publish original academic research papers in a broad range of disciplines in networking, monitoring, sensors and controls. We are trying to bring the academia new ideas and innovations to share with all researchers in these disciplines.

IJANMC is sponsored by the State and Provincial Joint Engineering Lab. of Advanced Network, Monitoring and Control, China. The Lab. is mainly focused on researches in theoretical studies and practical applications of computing technologies, Advanced networks, system simulations, artificial intelligence, automated inspections and controls. From the beginning to present, it is free to publish articles in the journal, and it will be always no charge.

The Journal is published by the Exeley Inc. press, it is a New York based company established in 2015 that focuses on offering innovative publishing services to Open Access publications worldwide.

The Journal is supported by Alabama A&M University, USA, University of Huddersfield, UK, Missouri Western State University, USA, Xi’an Technological University, China,  Belarusian State University of Transport, Republic of Belarus, James Cook University, Australia, National University of Singapore, Hong Kong Technological University. The Journal is open to all international universities and research institutes to report the newest achievements of computer networks, internet of things, inspection and control technologies.


The contact:Shaanxi Decimal Technology Department



address:27 / F, Building 3, Xuefu Block, Xuefu East Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an

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